We promote art, culture and communication

Art gives spaces identity. Art is communication. An appealing picture, a photograph, an installation, each work has its own language, which each viewer understands in his or her own way. For the THE FLAG team, creativity and art make an important contribution to our society. For THE FLAG, art is therefore an important aspect in the furnishing of the houses and is just as much a part of corporate identity as a harmonious light and colour concept. The modern, unobtrusive ambience is enriched with works by various artists and epochs that set interesting accents.

Friederike Tebbe

The Berlin-based artist Friederike Tebbe manages the studio Farbarchiv there and developed the color concept for THE FLAG ZURICH. She designed the fourth floor as a continuous mural. The artist is interested in the interplay of colour, light and space. She adheres to strictly geometric colour surfaces that play with the viewer’s point of view.

Gerrit Cramer

The photographer Gerrit Cramer comes from Attendorn. He specializes in product photography, industrial photography and wedding photography. For THE FLAG ZURICH he produced expressive black-and-white pictures of the construction site, which now give depth to every room. He did not miss a single detail that was worth capturing and thus enabled a strong visual memory of the construction phase. The second floor of THE FLAG ZURICH is completely equipped with photographs by the photo artist.

Toto Zumpano

Toto Zumpano was born in Argentina and lives in Marbella, Spain. Before his career as a painter, he studied architecture and worked in Argentina as a professor of architectural history. With his art, Zumpano wants to build a bridge from his inner world to the outer world and thus create a new, colorful world. His works can be seen on the ground floor of THE FLAG ZURICH.

Tilo Kaiser

Born in Frankfurt in 1965, the artist lives in London. He composes and collages his works in vibrant colours, following Pop Art, Mülheimer Freiheit, Expressionism, comic drawings and graffiti. For THE FLAG ZURICH Tilo Kaiser has created works that immediately catch the eye on the first and third floors with their oval form and radiate pure joie de vivre.

Lutz Dransfeld

The German artist was born in Siegen. Lutz Dransfeld already exhibited his first works during his architectural studies. After graduating, he took part in various architectural competitions with a focus on theatre and exhibition construction. Since 1995 he lives in Berlin, where he founded the “atelierkunstraum“. The installation artist and painter deals with the interspace. In many of his works he combines different perspectives, plays with two- and three-dimensionality and confronts the viewer with his perception. The works of Lutz Dransfeld can be seen in THE FLAG ZURICH as well as in THE FLAG ATTENDORN.

Kunsthaus kat18

In Frankfurt THE FLAG extends its art concept to a kind of sponsorship with the Kunsthaus KAT18 in Cologne. With much joy and social commitment, the Kunsthaus realizes a curatorial idea in the apartments and rooms of our location.
The Kunsthaus KAT18 in Cologne is an art space with studios, a project room and a gallery with a coffee bar. Artistic and cultural processes are promoted with the aim of improving the living conditions of artists with learning difficulties in society. THE FLAG supports this idea and shows wonderful works of art that enrich life and living in a humorous, serious, profound and aesthetic way. Thus THE FLAG makes a contribution to breaking down existing barriers in society.