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  1. Select Apartment
    Select an apartment that meets your requirements on the floor plans.
    All apartments for short term rental are fully furnished!
    With a click on the apartment you will get the details. Remember the apartment number!
  2. Fill out self-information
    Please fill out the form “Self-information” completely and send it to us. You will find the form under the floor plans.
  3. Rental period
    The apartments must be rented for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.
  4. Audit
    THE FLAG checks your entered data.
  5. Receive rental contract and return it within 5 days
    After successful examination you will receive the rental contract by email. Please send it back to us in due time.

Available Apartments

Short Term Rental
6. Etage

Grundriss des 6. Obergeschoss der Studentenapartments Frankfurt in der THE FLAG Campusmeile
Apartment 6.22 Apartment 6.40

Apartment 6.22

SmartApartment S

23qm, Seitenstraße (Frankfurt School)
890 € / Monat zzgl. 7% MwSt

Verfügbar ab 01.05.23

23sqm, side street view (Frankfurt School)
Fully furnished
890 € / month plus 7% VAT

Available from 01.05.23

Apartment 6.40

SmartApartment S

23qm, Straßenseite (Skyline View)
920 € / Monat zzgl. 7% MwSt

Verfügbar ab 01.03.23

23sqm, street view (Skyline View)
Fully furnished
920 € / month plus 7% VAT

Available from 01.03.23

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    Short-term rentals must be for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months!

    A one-time service fee of 150€ is payable upon signing a rental contract. When signing a rental contract, a one-time final cleaning fee as well as a deposit is due in addition to the rent. The deposit will be returned after expiry of the contract, provided that no damage has occurred in the flat.