Student Apartments in Frankfurt

Living and studying directly by Campus Bockenheim, with perfect links to Campus Westend – yet still at the heart of city life: In THE FLAG Philosophicum you live in your own apartment, but nobody has to be lonely thanks to the lounge and the trendy café on the ground floor! There are plenty of opportunities to work out in the building’s own fitness centre.

At home in the completely renovated former Philosophy Faculty of Goethe University, THE FLAG Philosophicum could hardly be better located. In the heart of the trendy Bockenheim district, there is everything that a student life requires: pubs, cafés, boutiques, supermarkets and of course buzzing nightlife.


26 sqm
partly furnished
From 650 € / month
plus ancillary expenses from 135 € / month
Booking request
*Rent Restriction


From 34 sqm
partly furnished
From 760 € / month
plus ancillary expenses from 175 € / month
Booking request
*Rent Restriction

Apartment SmartPlus

26 sqm
fully furnished
594,50 € / month
plus ancillary expenses from 135 € / month
plus furniture surcharge 50€ plus 19% VAT / month
Booking Request
*Rent Restriction
Rent Restriction

The rent restriction does not apply here as the building or the apartments were first used or rented after 01.10.2014 and are therefore excluded from the scope of the rent restriction as new buildings.


  • Building technician on-site
  • Internet access with a WiFi router in each apartment
  • Personal contact person


  • Roof terrace
  • Bicycle storage room
  • Fitness centre
  • Lounge
  • Laundry room with washing machines and dryers (for a fee)


THE FLAG Philosophicum

Gräfstrasse 74 – 76
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Your contact person: Julia Martin

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