THE FLAG Gievenbeck

Student Apartments in Münster

Gievenbeck is the newest district of Munster and continues to attract students from all over the world – an attractive location for our student apartments. Good infrastructure and convenient links to the city centre and university ensure a particularly comfortable student life.

All apartments are equipped with a high-quality kitchenette and their own bathroom. A personal contact partner on-site is happy to take care of all wants and needs. Our other services directly within the building help you with your everyday life as a student.


Up to 25,5 sqm
From 370 € / month
plus ancillary expenses from 80 € / month
Booking request


Up to 35 sqm
From 410 € / month
plus ancillary expenses from 100 € / month
Booking request

Smart Apartment L

Up to 65 sqm
From 560 € / month
plus ancillary expenses from 130 € / month
Booking request


  • Building technician on-site
  • Internet access with a WiFi router in each apartment
  • Personal contact person
  • Service office opening hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


  • Bicycle underground parking
  • Laundry room with washing machines and dryers (for a fee)


THE FLAG Gievenbeck

Dieckmannstraße 69
48161 Münster

Your contact person: Heidrun Gerdes

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