THE FLAG brand as a total artwork

Why we support art, culture and communication

Art gives rooms a new identity. Art creates new things. Art is communication. Every appealing picture, photograph, installation speaks its own language that everybody understands in their own way.

For THE FLAG team, creativity and art make a major contribution to society. That is why so many of our houses are worth paying a visit. In addition to harmonious light and colour concepts, fine arts are also a part of our Corporate Identity.

The modern, reserved atmosphere is enriched with works from different artists – international painters and photographers as in THE FLAG ZURICH, where each artist has decorated an entire floor with their works.

In THE FLAG MUNICH you will find works from artists of the Kunsthaus KAT18 from Cologne. The ArtHouse KAT18 promotes artistic procedures in order to improve the living conditions of artists in our society. With this partnership we want to make a positive contribution and break down barriers

Impressions from the art house  KAT 18

Be inspired:

Artistic impressions within the rooms of THE FLAG Zurich, Munich and Frankfurt Bockenheim (Philosophicum)