Hotel Room Meals 
How to Cook Delicious
Hotel Room Meals

Paying the restaurant a visit every time hunger strikes - if your hotel room does not have a kitchen, this may seem like the only option at first. But there is a much easier, more practical and, above all, cheaper way. Often all you need is hot water from the kettle and a world of culinary possibilities is open to you. We show you how to cook delicious hotel room meals - without a kitchen, oven, or stove!

The Perfect Kitchen Tool

The kettle is a real all-rounder. Once you get the hang of it, it is the ideal sous chef for your kitchen. We recommend using your kettle to boil water for your meal, but not to cook in the kettle itself - they are notoriously hard to clean. This is in direct contrast to a quick bite.

Fortunately, many dishes can be prepared by pouring hot water over your ingredients. With a little creativity, you can quickly conjure up a first-class gourmet experience. Best of all, you can save a lot of energy at the same time. Cooking with hot water is one of many sustainable alternatives in everyday life. Here are 5 ideas for dishes that can be prepared without a stove or oven, just with boiled water.

Tsampa - The Quick Breakfast

Preparation: Tsampa is a staple food in Tibet. Some may know it by the name of Gofio - as it is called in the Canary Islands. The nutty barley flour is ideal for breakfast: Just add a little warm water, mix and enjoy the fine porridge.

Our tip: To complete your breakfast snack, add some cinnamon, cardamom and fresh fruit of your choice. And if you want to make it even more delicious, you can add some yoghurt to the porridge.

Soup - The Time-honoured Classic

Preparation: The classic hot water recipe. All you need to do is chop your ingredients and put it into a bowl: vegetables that are tasty even raw like tomatoes, carrots, zucchini or pepper, stock, paste - the choice is yours. Then boil the water, pour it over and wait until the soup has cooled down to a pleasant temperature - a hot meal for body and soul!

Our tip: To really fill you up, add some noodles to your soup. Glass noodles are ideal - not only are they delicious, but unlike many other types of raw noodles, they are quick and easy to cook in hot water. Just leave them to soak for two to three minutes until they are done.

Tortellini with Pesto - Tasty and Filling

Preparation: If you're in the mood for pasta, there's good news. Tortellini from the refrigerated counter can be cooked in hot water from your kettle. Just pour it over and leave them in the water for a few minutes to soak and cool. Add a spoonful of pesto and vegetables of your choice and you have a complete meal in just a few minutes.

Our tip: Raw spaghetti is less suitable for this method. But it works just as well with any other type of pasta from the refrigerated counter – so you can enjoy your meal in record time.

Couscous - Quick and Easy

Preparation: Making couscous with the kettle is simple. Just pour boiling water over the couscous, let it soak for 3 to 5 minutes and voilà!

Our tip: Season the couscous with a little salt and a drizzle of olive oil if you like. Fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and spring onions are a great addition. And if you have it on hand, you can also add some herb cream cheese.

Porridge - A Superfood With Many Facets

Preparation: Oatmeal is another classic of cooking without a kitchen. All you have to do is heat the water and pour it over the oats. Stir constantly to make the oatmeal creamy until you get the consistency you like.

Our tip: Add a variety of toppings to your porridge, such as strawberries, blueberries, nuts and seeds. But savoury porridge is also incredibly delicious. Add mushrooms, feta cheese, eggs and avocado and you have a complete hotel room meal that is not only tasty but also incredibly healthy.

Hot Water - Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

Extra tip: Hot water is your friend for an uncomplicated hotel room meal. Of course, it can also be used to prepare most instant meals very quickly, although it is not recommended to eat them every day for health reasons.

If you're not afraid to put in a little extra effort, here's what you can do: Prepare your meal completely at home. Then pour your creation into a cooking bag. When it's time to enjoy your meal, simply pour hot water into a bowl and place the sachet in the water for a few minutes. The ideal way to cook without a kitchen!