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Estepona, 25 March 2022 The family business THE FLAG is celebrating the topping-out ceremony for a building with senior-friendly architecture and a wide range of service options in Estepona, Spain. The topping-out ceremony for the new 78 flats being built on Spain's southern coast, Costa del Sol, is also the start of the group's overseas market entry in the senior living segment. Dr. Eike Muhr, Managing Director of THE FLAG, is pleased with the fast and smooth progress of the construction work: "Within only 6 months, the shell now already conveys the generosity of the building and allows fantastic views of the surroundings." With regards to the importance of specialised housing offers with service support, Mrs. Muhr points to the strongly growing demand situation in this segment for older people. Most of these people would indeed like to still live in their familiar surroundings. "But the central question of many so-called silver agers today is : what will I do in the next 25 to 30 years?" Even before retirement, the focus now lies on personal fulfilment, a new beginning, instead of rest and frugality, as was often the case in the past.

Today's silver agers want active and self-determined living

In Germany and Switzerland, the THE FLAG group is currently developing further properties for senior living at six locations, which it will later also add to its portfolio and also self-operate. The location in Spain is the first senior living building to be built outside Germany. "We took this step because we have strong local partners, ranging from the municipality to architects and construction companies," says Mrs. Muhr. For Mrs. Muhr, the attractiveness for future residents stems from the tenant-focused architecture, included and optional services, the seaside location, the weather and the good local infrastructure geared towards tourism. The flats are fully equipped, for example with a fitted kitchen suitable for senior citizens. In addition to the furnished living area, each flat has a separate sleeping area. The daylight bathrooms are barrier-free with ground-level showers or designed as wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.

German is spoken

THE FLAG Costa del Sol will have its own restaurant, fitness and wellness area with sauna. In the outdoor area there is, among other things, a 20-metre outdoor pool. Many services, such as a variety of leisure and cultural activities, room service, but also a 24-hour emergency telephone in the room, are already included in the rental price. Other services, such as a wellness area with hairdresser, massage treatments and rooms for Pilates and yoga classes, cleaning and laundry services or medical advice, can be booked individually by residents as required. Flats, which always include the service of guest care, are expected to be available for rent from €2,400 per month. "Our offer is aimed at guests from all over the world, but of course especially at older people from Germany who enjoy the climate and the special way of life," says Mrs. Muhr. Therefore, there will also be German-speaking service staff at the reception and efforts are already being made to recruit multilingual specialists to provide the services. THE FLAG Costa del Sol is scheduled to open in spring 2023.

THE FLAG celebrates topping-out ceremony for 78 senior flats on the Costa del Sol


For more than 10 years, THE FLAG has been developing and operating residential offers for students, business people and senior citizens. The family-owned company offers this specialised form of living together and care in Germany, Switzerland and in the future also in Spain. Meanwhile, the company's portfolio includes 18 houses with over 2,500 high-quality, centrally located apartments.