THE FLAG   Senior Living
celebrates 5th anniversary
and positve results

"The proximity to the city centre is a   big plus for our residents."

THE FLAG Senior Living in Attendorn is delighted to celebrate its 5th anniversary. Since its opening in 2018, the facility located at Hansastraße 14 has become a popular place for communal living for senior citizens.

Even 5 years after its opening, the demand for this specific form of housing remains high. "We are proud to have supported so many people in finding a new home here and enjoying an active and fulfilling retirement," says Kristin Aubert, Manager of THE FLAG Attendorn.

The personal satisfaction of their tenants continues to be a heartfelt concern for Aubert: "It is still moving for me to see how new seniors move in with us and flourish after 4 to 6 weeks. Through various activities ranging from seasonal celebrations, chair gymnastics, memory training, evening gatherings, movie outings, to walks, excursions, and much more, many seniors quickly feel at home with us." Moreover, the number of tenants in the 56 fully rented apartments is relatively small, which facilitates getting to know one another.

Looking back on the past 5 years, Kristin Aubert particularly remembers the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic: "Corona was a significant challenge for us. Thanks to comprehensive testing concepts, we were able to prevent major outbreaks; there were no fatalities or hospitalizations. Nevertheless, community spirit prevailed. For example, we organized regular balcony concerts where residents could enjoy musicians from their balconies."

Aubert also praises the developments in Attendorn: "The proximity to the city center is a major advantage for our residents. They can reach the city center on foot within 10 minutes. The city's recent renovations have significantly improved the quality of life for our seniors. The pathways are now easily navigable with walkers, and many newly created seating areas invite residents to linger."

Due to its proximity to the city center, senior citizens can actively participate in city life. If tenants require nursing services, a total of six different mobile nursing services visit the residents. While THE FLAG houses a day care facility under the auspices of GFO, there is no attached nursing home. Other services such as physiotherapy, hairstylists, podiatrists, and meal delivery services are also provided on a mobile basis.

The average age of THE FLAG Attendorn residents is 82 years. Despite their advanced age, many of them are highly active and even participate in programs like the Senior University. "We offer our residents a vibrant and fulfilling life in their golden years, and it's wonderful to see how they thrive and feel at home here," affirms Aubert.

For the corporate group THE FLAG, the senior apartments with additional services in Attendorn were a pilot project. The success has now led the family-owned company to offer the concept in other cities in Germany as well as in Spain and Switzerland.


For over 14 years, THE FLAG has been developing and operating housing options for students & young professionals, business people and seniors. The family-owned company offers this specialized form of living together and care in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. The company's portfolio now includes 19 developments with over 2,500 high-quality, centrally located apartments.