Topping-out ceremony
for new senior flats

in Wiesbaden

announces commercial tenant

The family-owned company THE FLAG celebrates the topping-out ceremony for the new THE FLAG Senior Living at Aarstraße 1 in Wiesbaden. The former office building, previously known as Duplex, is undergoing extensive core renovations and modernization since the end of 2022, transforming into 65 senior-friendly rental apartments.

Wiesbaden, January 31, 2024 - City Councillor Milena Löbcke, Health Commissioner of the city of Wiesbaden, says: "As our society is not only aging but also staying healthy and mobile for a longer time, older individuals also want to live independently for as long as possible. This requires suitable offerings, as exemplarily developed here by THE FLAG through a combination of housing, health, and local services."

Dr. Eike Muhr, Managing Director of THE FLAG, emphasizes a unique aspect of the construction project: "For us as a family-owned business, the revitalization of buildings makes a lot of sense. We leave a significantly lower carbon footprint and are committed to long-term high-quality and thoughtful architecture." According to Muhr, all the barrier-free apartments will also be equipped with user-friendly digital control technology. Additionally, the building will have partially greened facades, enhancing its value in the urban context. According to calculations by THE FLAG, the renovation will reduce the building's energy consumption by more than two-thirds.

There is a demand for senior apartments in Wiesbaden 

"About 35 percent of Wiesbaden's population is over 65 years old, and many of them want to continue living in their familiar place in their later years," says Muhr. At THE FLAG, they understand that seniors want to live with conveniences and unobtrusive support. Often, living in large houses and apartments becomes burdensome for older people. Modern barrier-free apartments are therefore an interesting alternative for this target group. It becomes particularly attractive for seniors when, as planned for Senior Living Wiesbaden, space is allocated for medical and therapeutic care.

The 65 senior apartments being built range from 32 m² to 87 m². They will offer spacious views of the state capital, while a approximately 100 m² rooftop terrace provides additional comfort.

The completion of the structural work is scheduled for May 2024

Wiesbaden-based company Brömer & Sohn is responsible for the construction work, with the engineering firm Julius Berger, also based in Wiesbaden, serving as the general planner. 
The topping-out ceremony marks the completion of the 10th floor addition and the start of the construction of the final 11th floor. The top floor will be accessible to all tenants and will include, among other amenities, a large rooftop terrace.

It is worth noting that THE FLAG, as a family-owned company, acts as both investor and project developer and will retain and operate the building in the long term. This allows the integration of the group's proven experiences into the long-term strategy.

From May 2024 onwards, the first viewings will be possible

Interior construction begins in May of this year, and prospective tenants can likely tour a model apartment by the end of July. The building is expected to be completed early next year, with leasing starting in the summer of this year. Interested individuals can already subscribe to a newsletter at

The commercial tenant is confirmed: Denns Bio-Supermarket

During the topping-out ceremony, THE FLAG also announced that the first commercial tenant is already determined. Denns Bio-Supermarket will occupy the ground floor as a retailer, offering sustainable products of 100% ecological origin.

THE FLAG Senior Living Wiesbaden

  • Aarstraße 1, 65195 Wiesbaden
  • GFA (Gross Floor Area): Approximately 9,560 m²
  • Original building construction year: 1966
  • Core renovation of the office building
  • (Energetic) Renovation of facade, heating, and elevator
  • Expansion of space on the 8th and 9th floors, addition of one floor
  • Conversion into apartments (2nd to 11th floors), retail space (ground floor), and commercial space for use, for example, as offices, medical practices, or fitness and health providers (1st floor)
  • Enhancement of the urban impact through staggered balconies and setback floors
  • Start of demolition: November 2022
  • Completion of core renovation: Planned for May / June 2023
  • Completion of the building: First quarter of 2025


For over 14 years, THE FLAG has been developing and operating housing options for students & young professionals, business people and seniors. The family-owned company offers this specialized form of living together and care in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. The company's portfolio now includes 19 developments with over 2,500 high-quality, centrally located apartments.

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